Tools of the trade used by Dr. Leon Hecht III, ND

  • Careful history and assessment - serves as the foundation for understanding where you are in your health continuum and what your health needs may be. May lead us directly to the cause of your illness!
  • Plant medicine - medicines from the earth work with the body to balance and restore your metabolism. Can be used as powerful anti-microbial medicines, to soothe the gut and nervous system, to promote sleep, to balance our hormones, and repair our bodies
  • Nutritional supplements are used as additions to dietary therapeutics to restore balance, decrease inflammation, increase energy needed to drive our metabolism and supply the gut with healthy microbes
  • Dietary therapies are powerful tools to balance the gut, blood sugar regulation, decrease inflammation, soothe or stimulate the nervous system and promote our intestinal microbiome: the life-giving community of microbes living in our gut
  • Intravenous (IV) Therapy
  • IV Weber Laser - our body responds to specific frequencies of light by increasing mitochondrial activity and creating more energy for our bodies and brain, increasing our anti-inflammatory defences, enhancing our immune system and killing microbes.
    • Laser light enters the body through an IV fiber optic catheter that shines light into our tissues and blood stream passing the catheter tip
    • Patients experience increased energy, decreased inflammation and enhanced well-being with successive treatments
  • IV Chelation - a safe and extremely effective method to remove toxic metals from our bodies such as Mercury, Lead, Gadolinium, Arsenic, Aluminum, etc.
    • Combined with oral nutrient therapy to thoroughly remove toxic metals
    • Studies show decreased heart attack risk and decrease in memory impairment with Chelation therapy
  • IV Nutrient Therapy
    • Bathes your cells in a rich nutrient mixture, by-passing the gut where absorption can be problematic
    • Increases energy production
    • Aids in detoxification
    • Boost our energy and metabolism
    • Stimulates repair and regeneration
  • Nutrient Injection therapy
    • PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma - using your own platelets, this regenerative injection helps stimulate repair to a joint. Commonly injected into a knee, studies show can help stimulate cartilage repair.
    • Ozone injection can stimulate repair and decreases inflammation

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