Naturopathic Doctors spend many course hours learning about nutrition and it’s role in healing and preventing diseases.  

Aside from learning about blatant nutrient deficiencies like rickets or pellagra, we learn the roles specific nutrients play in building tissues like bone, brain, and muscle as well as the functions they have in enzymatic pathways and biochemistry.

Nutrition: a Personalized Prescription for You

Part of your personalized treatment plan will be a specific diet to support you in promoting health and reversing disease.

There are numerous signs and symptoms of nutrient deficiencies we can learn in our first interview and physical exam with you.  For example, white spots on your fingernails indicate a zinc deficiency and “goosebumps” that don’t go away on your skin, especially on the upper tricep region indicate a vitamin A deficiency.
We don’t just assume you aren’t eating enough of these nutrients, we also check to make sure you don’t have trouble digesting fats which would prevent the absorption of Vitamin A or a condition called HemoPyrrolLactamUria (HPU) that would cause you to excrete excessive zinc.

The Right Diet Makes a Difference

Some patients with chronic inflammation need a diet prescription low in arachidonic fatty acids, sugar, alcohol and food allergens.  Others do well with a very low carbohydrate diet if they have high blood sugars or chronic infections.
We consider all of your signs and symptoms as well as your laboratory results when making a nutrition prescription for you.  We also educate you about why certain foods are preferable to others and how to make shopping, cooking and eating enjoyable and healthy for you and your family.
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