Nutrient injections are quick, easy, and effective.

Our line of various nutrient injections offer support to boost energy, mood, detoxification, weight loss, liver function, immune function, mental focus and clarity, and decrease anxiety.

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Dr. Nathaniel Shober preparing an injection

Nutrient Shot Bar

If you want to supercharge your day without getting an IV, then a vitamin shot is for you. Here is a list of our shots menu:


Energy, memory, mood, nerve pain, sleep

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Stress, focus, adrenal support

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Hormone balance, sleep, inflammation

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Best when paired with B-Complex
Super antioxidant, free radical scavenger, immune function, heavy metals

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Fat Burner

Weight loss support, fat metabolism, energy

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Liver Support

Detox: Antioxidant, Liver function/protection, heavy metals, energy

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Mood Boost

Vitamin B9 + Tryptophan + Glycine
Sleep, mood support, anxiety

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Moxie Shot

Recovery, energy, stress, mood, detox, liver support

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Sharp Mind

B-vitamins + Taurine
Mental focus and stamina, energy, clarity

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Sunshine Shot

Vitamin D
Mood support, immune function

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Extra B12

Extra energy - Supercharge Any Shot with Extra B12

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Extra B-Complex

Supercharge Any Shot with Extra B-Complex. Modulate energy, mood, sleep, stress, inflammation

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