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Dr. Leon Hecht ND

Dr. Leon Hecht III, ND received his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University of Natural Health Sciences in 1988.  His B.S. is from University of Washington in Wildlife Ecology and Natural Resources. In 1990, Dr. Hecht co-founded North Coast Family Health with Dr. Kristy Fassler, ND, DHANP.

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Diagnosing & Treating Tick Borne Illness

Dr. Hecht has specific interests in the diagnosis and treatment of Tick Borne Illness including Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella and Erhlichia.
Dr. Hecht’s approach to the patient is at first broad and encompasses body and mind. Symptoms are seen in patterns that come together to form pictures of specific treatable illnesses.  It is especially important in the arena of Tick Borne Illness to see symptoms in patterns because they lead one to the diagnosis, even when laboratory results do not.
Treatments include antibiotics, botanical and nutritional medicine, exercise and intravenous nutritional therapy to kill microbes and keep you feeling your best.

Healthy Aging Medicine

Healthy Aging Medicine (aka Anti-Aging Medicine) is another specific interest that, interestingly, compliments treatment of tick borne illness.

Women experience menopause abruptly, while men experience a decline in male hormones oftentimes over a period of decades.  Each hormone we have contributes to a healthy mind and body without which, we may develop symptoms indicative of deficiency.  The hormonal balance of the gland of the Thyroid, Adrenals, Gonads, and Pituitary are essential in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Healthy aging medicine uses the tools of appropriate Bio Identical Hormone optimization (can include Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Growth Hormone, Cortisol, Parathyroid Hormone, DHEA, Pregnenelone, etc.) specific exercises (including Resistance Interval Training), regenerative sleep, nutrition and supplements, all designed to maximize the inherent healing and regenerative systems in your body and brain.


Dr. Hecht served as President of the New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors from 1995–2001 and is currently the Chair of the Formulary Council (advising the New Hampshire Board of Naturopathic Examiners) and presents at professional conferences on topics such as Lyme Disease and Dietary Endocrinology.

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