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What is IV Nutritional Therapy?

Intravenous (IV) Nutritional Therapy is the process of administering nutrients into a vein directly into your bloodstream.  Typically we use tiny butterfly needles that are commonly used in children.

Nutrients can be administered via syringe lasting 20 minutes, while longer infusions may take up to 4 hours.  Typically they last 1-2 hours.


What are the benefits?

IV nutrition is the fastest way available to replenish chronically depleted nutrient reserves. By infusing directly into a vein and bypassing the gastro-intestional system, the nutrients are delivered directly to the cell.  This way one can achieve vastly higher concentrations of nutrients without upsetting the stomach.
For example, you may be only able to take 2 or 3 grams of vitamin C by mouth, but we commonly infuse 40 to 50 grams of Vitamin C without digestive upset.  Another example is iron.  Oral iron is poorly absorbed, interacts with other nutrients and medications, and causes constipation.  IV iron take 20 minutes to infuse, is extremely well tolerated and most women need only 4 infusions.

Is IV Therapy Safe?

We have been administering Intravenous and Intramuscular Nutritional Therapy to our patients for over 15 years.  We can say it is a safe and effective way to deliver high levels of  nutrients directly to your cells.

What kinds of substances do we use?

  • Vitamins (example – Vitamin A, C, B complex, B-12)
  • Minerals (example – Magnesium, Calcium, Selenium, iron)
  • Amino acids (example – Tryptophan, Tyrosine)
  • Detoxification nutrients (example – Glutathione, EDTA)
  • Nerve repair nutrients (example – Vitamin B12, Llipoic acid, Phosphotidyl Choline)
  • Anti-Inflammation (Lipoic Acid)
  • Immune Enhancement (Vitamin C, B complex)

What is it used for?

We use IV treatments to boost energy, help the body detoxify, promote better sleep, enhance our immune system, decrease inflammation, support the liver, help combat chronic infections like Lyme Disease and cold viruses, enhance tissue repair in conditions such as macular degeneration (we call it  Macular Regeneration) and others.  Occasional blood testing ensures the safety of this valuable therapy.

Atherosclerosis Cancer – Adjunctive Treatment
Fatigue Inflammatory Disorders
Arthritis Immune System Boost
Hepatitis Liver Support
Macular Degeneration Relaxation
Detoxification Nerve Repair
Heavy Metal Detoxification Lyme Disease Nutritional Support
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Allergy
Depression Anxiety
Fatty Liver High Blood Pressure
Insomnia Migraine Headaches
PMS Respiratory Infections
Muscle Spasms and Cramps

What is a Meyer’s Cocktail?

A Myer’s Cocktail is a synergistic nutrient formula containing Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin B5, B6, B12, B-complex and Vitamin C.

Meyer’s Cocktails are used to boost energy, enhance the immune system, decrease muscle spasms, enhance recovery from exercise, stress reduction and enhance nutrient repletion.

We commonly use the Meyer’s Cocktail formula as a base to which other nutrients are added.

For example:

  • Meyer’s Cocktail + Glutathione – effective to enhance detoxification
  • Meyer’s Cocktail + Tryptophan, Glycine and Tyrosine – promotes sleep and relaxation
  • Meyer’s Cocktail + EDTA – eliminates heavy metals from the body
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Case Studies: Patients Responding to IV Nutrition Therapy


Rosalie came to our clinic because she was tired on a beautiful summer day. In fact, she had been tired for six months and was now getting worse. She seemed to be extremely susceptible to any virus as she frequently caught bronchitis and was the first to become ill at her school. She needed help.

We began nutritional supplementation and IV nutrition to address her allergies and fatigue. After three IV treatments Rosalie reported that her energy was “100% better” and that she’d been preparing herself for the coming school year. The following fall she did catch a virus, which promptly resolved without complication, and is maintaining her energy at levels adequate for her busy schedule.


We are pleased to report that another patient with macular degeneration had vision improvement with intravenous nutritional therapy.

His father went blind from the disease, and our patient wanted to reverse the degeneration that was occurring in one of his eyes. At the beginning of IV treatment, we tested him with an Amsler Grid to determine the extent of vision loss. After receiving five IV’s, he was tested again and showed a dramatic improvement of his peripheral vision loss!

This proves once again when given the proper building blocks, the body is supported in to heal.

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