Have you or a loved one recently been diagnosed with cancer?

The following information will hopefully help  you to learn about your options in reversing the disease and in staying healthy through the course of your treatment and afterwards.

The second major cause of death in the United States is cancer.  This statistic includes all cancers.  Thus the topic of cancer is large with numerous approaches depending on the type of cancer you are seeking to treat or prevent.

We do not claim to be specialists in treating all cancers and see our role as primarily adjunctive or supportive though extremely important in your cancer treatment and reversal because the choices you make regarding your health will affect your long term outcome and prognosis.

Which Cancer Specialists are on your team?

  • Oncologists specialize in treating cancer with chemotherapy.
  • Radiologists use technology to assess tumor size and progression or remission.
  • Surgeons specialize in removing tumors.
  • As naturopathic doctors, we specialize in assisting patients in preventing and reversing most cancers by optimizing the body ecology that promoted the cancer in the first place.  We also provide adjunctive therapies to prevent damage to your heart, brain, nerves and other tissues of your body while being treated with chemotherapy and radiation.

What does it mean to Optimize the Body Ecology?

As with all ecosystems, when something is out of balance there is a symptom or effect that results.  Typically your body’s adaptations to imbalances begin with an inflammatory process.  If the inflammation proceeds and progresses for months and often years, changes at the genetic and cellular level can begin to promote precancerous and then cancerous cells.  A return to a non-inflammatory and balanced ecology is essential in reversing and preventing all chronic diseases including cancer.

How do you go about optimizing my body’s ecology?

We check for various infections(link), toxins(link), including heavy metals(link) and your specific inflammatory foods(link).  Your genetic predispositions(link to tests) are evaluated and optimized.  We look for challenges with detoxification(link) and excessive oxidation(link to tests) on a cellular level.  We look for nutrient deficiencies(link) and excesses, hormone imbalances(link) environmental toxins(link), and inflammatory markers and other blood tests (link).

Once we have identified the streams of dysfunction contributing to your out of balance ecology, we teach you how to go about re-establishing mastery of your body and mind with diet and lifestyle changes(link) and the appropriate natural therapies.

What are some common supportive therapies we offer during your cancer treatment?

Our goal is to work in conjunction with your oncologist to help you reverse and prevent cancer as well as prevent the side effects you may experience in the short or long run from your cancer treatment. We provide nutrients to help prevent metastases from a surgical procedure such as a biopsy or open surgery. In addition, we provide therapies to help you heal from your surgery and prevent common side effects from the surgery.

If you are going to have chemotherapy and or radiation, we will give the supportive nutrients to protect your vital organs, including your heart, brain, nerves, GI tract, liver, kidneys, and more.  We will also recommend the nutrients and adjunctive therapies that assist in making the treatments more effective.

Many of our patients receiving chemotherapy, receive IV infusions 3 days after their chemotherapy treatment to help detoxify the toxic medications from the body once they have targeted the cancerous cells.  At that time we also give nutrient infusions to reverse and prevent damage to the heart, brain, and nerve tissues so patients can have the least side effects from the chemotherapy.  Our patients typically do not have painful neuropathy or heart and brain damage which are common long term side effects of the chemotherapy medications.

My specific cancer is …. What would you do for me?

In addition to the above general evaluation and treatment approaches, you may need specific guidance regarding your specific type of cancer.  We can often assist you with further information regarding some of the more common cancers, such as breast, prostate, and colon to name a few.  I have seen 2 patients have reversals of leukemia once we balanced their inner ecology.

The primary thing to remember is the body heals itself when given the necessary support and healing therapies it requires.  Don’t postpone an evaluation of a lump or mass or unusual symptom such as rectal bleeding.  The earlier a cancer is diagnosed the better the prognosis for healing.

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