What is fertility?

 Fertility is one’s ability to create and be creative. It is a complex issue that can rarely be achieved through science alone; it takes love, learning, compassion and a comprehensive whole life approach to optimizing your health on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level.

Find the Underlying Cause of Infertility

15% of U.S. couples have difficulty conceiving a child. We don’t consider anyone to be “infertile”,  yet if pregnancy is not attained within one year, we will discuss testing options.

Ideally, we like to start seeing a couple for fertility concerns when they are considering pregnancy, before they begin trying. However, many couples will come to us after they have been trying to conceive for a long period of time. For these couples we start by taking a homeopathic case, performing a physical exam, wellness assessment and prenatal counseling. We may choose to order basic prenatal blood work, a semen analysis, hormone testing and other more specific tests. Identifying a specific problem like low sperm count or ovulatory dysfunction is important, but treating the underlying health concerns is crucial.


Some of these may include: food sensitivities, heavy metal or chemical toxicity, stress reactions, chronic illness or infection, past history of unresolved traumas, genetic concerns, relationship difficulties, menstrual cycle or insemination timing difficulties, hormone imbalance, digestive disturbances, food or drug addictions, adrenal insufficiency,hypothyroidism, and lifestyle related obstacles.

Now What Do We Do?

After determining the problem areas, we begin to formulate a plan. For some it is as simple as educating on the finely honed skills of detecting the most fertile time of your cycle. For others it is using well-researched homeopathic remedies, nutrients and herbs to correct a deficiency or imbalance in the system.

Many couples will undergo an individualized detoxification program; it is important to cleanse your system, decrease your toxic burden, and recharge your liver, kidneys and adrenals before conception. You should not do any form of detox if you are pregnant.

After completing a cleanse program we work to enhance health through nutritional counseling, stress management and the use of appropriate supplements and herbs to optimize your health in pregnancy and aid in conception. Healthy parents enhance the likelihood of having healthy children.

Case Study: A Very Wanted Baby

Matt and Angie came to Dr. Quinn after two years of actively trying to get pregnant had left them desperate. After a slew of diagnostic testing through their fertility specialist and a naturopathic and homeopathic workup with me, Matt was diagnosed with a low sperm count and a varicocele.

Angie had ovulatory insufficiency, low progesterone levels, food sensitivities, emotionally unresolved traumas and an imbalance in her ability to process toxins in her liver and digestive tract.

Matt decided against surgical repair of his varicocele. Dr. Quinn immediately started him on a nutritional and herbal regimen and daily hydrotherapy. Angie began a constitutional homeopathic remedy and Dr. Quinn guided her through a month long allergy elimination diet and full body cleanse. Matt and Angie chose to use birth control this month in order to fully involve themselves in the program.

At the end of the cleanse, we kept Angie off of her offending foods, continued her homeopathic remedy, used gentle adrenal support, prenatal vitamins and had her chart her basal body temperatures and cervical mucus. After one month, Angie was cycling normally with an ideal temperature shift indicating a strong ovulation! She was feeling healthy, strong and relaxed. Her insomnia had resolved and anxiety was improved.

We checked Matt’s sperm count; after 3 months on his treatment plan numbers had increased 2 fold putting him in the normal range! Angie soon became pregnant and after a healthy pregnancy Angie gave birth to a beautiful baby boy!

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