Dr. Alyssa Christoforou, ND

Dr. Alyssa Christoforou received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine in 2019 from Bastyr University in Washington. At Bastyr, Dr. Christoforou honed her clinical skills through 800+ hours of primary care and specialty care rotations at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health and off-site community care clinics, 150+ hours of advanced preceptorships, and 300+ hours of advanced elective training and continuing education in the fields of gynecology, gastroenterology, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, oncology, pediatrics, and environmental medicine. She has additional specialty training in craniosacral therapy, Kinesio taping, biofeedback, and intravenous and injection therapy.

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Evidenced-Based Natural Medicine

Dr. Christoforou’s passion for biology and anthropology, and the intersection of these disciplines, drew her to naturopathic medicine. She was fascinated by ancient people’s intricate understanding of the human body and the ways in which culture and society influenced health on a macroscopic level. Building on her own Greek and Polish roots, Dr. Christoforou integrates traditional healing wisdom with evidenced-based natural medicine interventions to treat the underlying cause of disease and address wellness on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. Her guiding principle in practice is The Healing Power of Nature – both the intrinsic power of the body to heal itself and the extrinsic power of food, herbs, water and air to restore health and prevent disease and dysfunction. The result of her philosophy is a patient-centered, holistic, multidisciplinary approach to health care.

About Dr. Christoforou

In her free time, Dr. Christoforou enjoys spending time in nature—hiking, cycling, and swimming—and in her kitchen experimenting with delicious recipes and baking allergen-free desserts. She is a huge foodie and prides herself on finding the best healthy restaurants in cities across the globe. She loves to travel and frequently visits Europe where the majority of her family lives. After spending four years in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Dr. Christoforou is excited to serve the Portsmouth community and explore the White Mountains and New England seacoast.

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