Children are a central part of our North Coast Family.

Our New Hampshire homeopathic and naturopathic doctors assist you in caring for your children from birth through adulthood.

Well Visits for a Healthy Life

Beginning with well child visits, we believe that if a child has a holistic start to life, they will have a happier, healthier life. Well visits begin as early as 2 weeks and continue with annual childhood well visits for your toddlers, older children, teens and young adults.

Well visits and sports physicals are great ways to help fine tune your child’s nutrition; we want to be sure their unique nutritional needs are being met, by reviewing their diets, supplements and exercise routines. Your child will develop healthy lifestyle practices for life upon learning at a young age to make good nutrition and health choices.

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Naturopathy for Sickness

When your child is sick with ear infections, sore throats, childhood viruses or other acute illnesses, it is important to see your naturopathic doctor. We can diagnose, treat and follow up as needed.

We prescribe individualized treatment plans including herbal based tinctures and glycerites, vitamins, probiotics, antibiotics (when necessary), homeopathy and physical medicine like craniosacral, hydrotherapy and gentle manipulations to help your child recover faster and develop a stronger immune system.

Treating Chronic Imbalances

When your child has chronic imbalances like eczema, food or environmental allergies, asthma, anxiety, ADHD, crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, hypothyroid or other autoimmune conditions, we are trained to help bring balance to their immune systems and to help them recover optimal wellness.

Children with chronic diseases are evaluated by taking a thorough health history, family history and physical examination. Laboratory tests for food allergies and sensitivities, nutritional evaluations, heavy metal profiles, and/or digestive health profiles may be necessary to determine the underlying causes for their disease process.


For many children, food allergy elimination diets are a part of their program. We look at digestive health and integrity, stress management and generalized whole body wellness to help your child attain optimal health.

Some of the tools we use with children who are at risk for developing or who are experiencing autoimmune diseases or chronic illness include, allergy elimination diets, cleanse protocols, vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal therapies, amino acid therapy, and nutritional and lifestyle counseling.

Lyme Disease & Tick Born Illnesses

We treat our young patients for deer and wood tick bites, acute and chronic Lyme Disease and other tick borne illnesses. Our young patients are thoroughly evaluated and carefully treated using antibiotic therapy, individualized immune support and nutritional therapies to help them recover.

When your child is an established patient at North Coast Family Health, we can help to prevent chronic disease and identify and treat Lyme Disease quickly.

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