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Infections Cause Alzheimer’s Disease

Microbial Infections Cause Alzheimer’s Disease Recent research is showing microbial infections can cause Alzheimer’s disease. Now there is emerging neuroscience research beginning to uncover the role of bacteria, viruses, and mold have in causing memory loss. The bacteria living in our mouths that cause gingivitis (known as P. gingivalis), can be found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease.  [...]

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Brain Growth Helps Your Memory

Brain growth helps your memory Did you know that brain growth helps your memory?  Our brain has the ability to grow and change, even as we age.  Brain growth is dependent upon chemicals in the brain called growth factors and there are a few different kinds.  One of the most studied is called BDNF (Brain derived neuro trophic factor) that [...]

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IV Laser Therapy Benefits

Benefits of IV Laser Therapy Dr. Fassler is pleased to announce that her patients are experiencing  IV Laser Therapy benefits. Patients are responding to Intravenous LASER Therapy or IV Laser Therapy at North Coast Family Health for conditions such as fatigue, infections, chronic pain, and cognitive decline.  The intravenous & topical Laser system  provides the full spectrum of colors from [...]

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Alzheimer’s Disease: We Can Help You!

Help for Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease There is now help for individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease.  Exciting new research demonstrates memory loss can be prevented and reversed, even in older adults. Our Healthy Brain program focuses on treatment of individuals with memory decline and on people with fine memories who want to proactively keep their brains healthy and sharp. The key [...]

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Vitamin D and Sun Exposure

At last, summer has arrived in New England, after the blistery Nor’easters and chilly spring season. The sunshine and the salty brine of the ocean is calling to the residents of the seacoast to break out the bathing suits, flip-flops, sunscreen, and to get a daily dose of Vitamin D! Why is Vitamin D Important? Vitamin D has continually gained [...]

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