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Ways To Boost Your Energy!

Energy is the one thing as we age, we wish we still had from our youth.  Here are some causes of energy depletion and ideas to help boost your energy. Causes of Energy Depletion The first step is getting to the root cause of your fatigue or decreased energy.  A consult with your health care provider is important in order [...]

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Skin Rejuvenation and Health

Skin Rejuvenation and Health by Dr. Nathaniel Shober You all may know that skin is the largest organ in our body or on our body.  As a Naturopathic Doctor, I look to the skin to see how the internal health of a patient is doing.  When assessing a patient, some of the questions I ask are: How is your liver? [...]

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Healthy Digestion

Healthy Digestion for Healthy Body and Mind If you suffer from uncomfortable intestinal bloating, try following the tips below to improve your digestion: Eat slowly and chew your food well to break down food into easy to digest particles. Avoid overeating which causes strain on your digestion in the stomach and intestines. Avoid eating processed and sugary foods which often [...]

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Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

Skin Rejuvenation According to, “Anti-Aging” medicine is on track to reach $271 billion by 2024.  Skin health is one of, if not the first, signs of age.  There are many different procedures, products, and methods for slowing the aging process and improving skin health.  Despite there being so many options, this article will aim to outline North Coast Family [...]

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Pain-Free Joints

Joint Pain To uncover and truly treat joint pain, we have to know the cause of the pain.  Some causes for joint pain are infection, leaky gut, autoimmune conditions, musculoskeletal injury, structural misalignment, or joint degeneration. Recently, I performed an air squat (squatting without additional weights) in front of my fellow doctors to have them listen to the crepitus reminiscent [...]

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