Pain-Free Joints

Joint Pain To uncover and truly treat joint pain, we have to know the cause of the pain.  Some causes for joint pain are infection, leaky gut, autoimmune conditions, musculoskeletal injury, structural misalignment, or joint degeneration. Recently, I performed an air squat (squatting without additional weights) in front of my fellow doctors to have them listen to the crepitus reminiscent [...]

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Keys to Healthy Aging

Join us for this FREE Class: Keys to Healthy Aging "Anti-Aging" medicine seems to be all of the rage these days, but does it really address the whole person?  Dr. Shober will present the mind, body, and spiritual aspects to aging gracefully, including addressing how and why we age, preventative measures and breakthrough treatment techniques that promote healthy aging (including [...]

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GI Upset: Causes and Treatments

What is GI Upset? GI upset can be an abnormal or unhealthy function along the GI tract, from the esophagus to the point of elimination. You could be experiencing symptoms such as pain and burning, altered motility, even a depressed mood. How do we understand what is happening? First, Dr. Shober will take a careful history of the patient.  Then [...]

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Look Good Feel Good Event

You are invited to join us! Thursday, September 19 @ 5:30 pm For a fun evening focusing on naturally healthy, beautiful skin.   ·         Learn about the many factors that affect skin health ·         Find out if Micro Needling and PRP is right for you ·         Understand the importance of clean, natural skin care ·         Learn the [...]

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Memory Loss and Lyme Disease

Dr, Leon Hecht will be discussing Memory Loss and Lyme Disease Persistent Lyme disease causes memory loss in almost all of those affected.  Informed treatment will help your memory recover but many people still notice they are not as sharp as they once were.  Dr. Hecht will discuss the challenges and best of the new treatments for memory loss, especially [...]

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