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Botanical medicines or plant derived medicines have been utilized for healing throughout the world for thousands of years.  In fact, most pharmaceutical drugs are formulated to mimic the action of a plant compound.

For example the plant, digitalis or foxglove, contains cardiac glycosides which the drug digoxin is formulated to mimic to induce heart contractility to treat congestive heart failure or fibrillation.

Plant Medicines Support Healing

Plant medicines are utilized in our practice to support healing in numerous conditions and are wonderfully beneficial in reducing inflammation, fighting infections, soothing and healing various tissues and supporting digestion to name a few.

We often prescribe indicated plant medicines in conjunction with other therapies to stimulate your healing.

botanical medicine

Plant Medicine vs Prescription Drugs

One benefit of a plant medicine over a prescription drug is there are many compounds within a plant that work synergistically to restore healing.
When a drug or specific constituent of a plant is prescribed alone, there are often more side effects or the benefits are not as comprehensive as from a plant medicine.  An example of a plant medicine with multiple benefits is goldenseal root, which has strong antibiotic effects, mucolytc effects, blood sugar lowering effects, and cholesterol lowering effects.
Thus plants are a vital part of naturopathic medicine and we are grateful for them in our repertoire of healing therapies.
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