High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training or Steady State Cardio? By Dr. Nathaniel Shober Recently, there has been a tremendous amount of hype around high intensity interval training (HIIT) and less so for the old school steady state cardio.  But which one is “better”? The short of it is… depends.  Don’t you love that answer?  You knew I was going there.  But, [...]

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Fundamentals in Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention - Changes you can make today In this free class, Dr. Miranda LaBant will outline the role of Naturopathic Medicine in cancer care and discuss primary cancer prevention and risk reduction strategies. She will explain the role of contributing factors towards the development of cancer such as environment influences, genetics, and lifestyle choices, as well as what you [...]

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A Tick Bite! What Should I Do Now?

Ticks have been described as nature’s dirty needles. A tick will feed on lizards, birds, deer, foxes, moose, bears, all rodents, and pets! They carry multiple infections, not just Lyme disease. Be prudent and prevent possible infections as soon as you find a tick bite by following these recommendations. Tick Bite Information How do I remove a tick if I've [...]

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Fitness – Get Motivated!

Getting Yourself Back on Track with Fitness   Are you in need of motivation to get fit and back in shape?   Are you overwhelmed with where to start with a fitness program?   Dr. Nathaniel Shober will offer motivating benefits to exercise that you may have never heard before.  He will discuss how to start a program, dispelling myths [...]

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Healthy Brain Class

Are you wondering what you can do to improve your memory or the impaired memory of a loved one?   Learn more in this free class: Healthy Brain: A Memory Recovery Program Join Dr. Leon Hecht in a discussion about our Healthy Brain – Memory Recovery Program. He will discuss exciting new scientific research in how to diagnose and treat the causes of [...]

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