Self Care and the Immune System

A Healthy Lifestyle and Your Immune System Practicing naturopathic medicine isn’t always easy and rarely simple.  During the 30 years I’ve been in practice, oftentimes I have an intuitive sense of how my patient will progress to better health in part, by observing their self-care and symptom presentation.  Folks who tend to their basics of nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mental [...]

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Immune System Booster

Boost Your Immune System with Fire Cider Fire cider is a time-honored herbal remedy that has its roots in ancient and folk medicine. Although it has seen many variations over the years, the basic recipe calls for apple cider vinegar, garlic, onion, horseradish, ginger, turmeric, lemon, honey, hot pepper, and aromatic herbs like rosemary, thyme, or sage. The result of [...]

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Lyme Disease and COVID-19

Lyme Disease and COVID-19 As spring progresses into warmer weather, the risk of acquiring Lyme disease increases should you get a tick bite.  Some of the symptoms of Lyme disease can be similar to the COVID 19 infection as they both cause your body to be inflamed.  Managing inflammation in your body helps you feel better when you have Lyme [...]

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Immune Support – Zinc

Immune Support with Zinc It's important to acknowledge ways we can support our immune system in protecting against infections as we shelter in place and prepare to return to being with others in our community and workplace after restrictions are lifted due to Covid 19.  Dr. Fassler shares in this video how to identify if you have a zinc deficiency [...]

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