The incidence of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is one child in 250 in the U.S., up 540% since 1990. Autism and ASD affect boys four times more than girls.
This spectrum of disorders is extremely complex without any one cause identified. However, there is significant research and analysis on the topic pointing toward combinations of the following:
  • Genetic susceptibility
  • Increased number of vaccinations and certain vaccine combinations
  • Vaccination preparations that include thimerosal, a mercury containing preservative agent which is more toxic than other forms of mercury
  • Toxin exposure and excess heavy metals stored in the brain and other tissues
  • Digestive disturbances, immune system abnormalities, abnormal liver detoxification and errors in metabolic processes

What is autism?

Autism and ASD are characterized by normal physical appearance with onset of symptoms prior to 36 months. These symptoms include failure to effectively use language for communication, abnormal social skills and desire for repetitive rituals or behaviors. These children often appear withdrawn and out of touch with the world around them. Many parents say their child was developing normally and then began to regress in language, sociability and play.

Because no two autistic children are alike it is useful to view Autism as a spectrum of disorders varying in symptom pervasiveness, severity, onset and progression. All of these children have deficits in communication and social skills. The category of ASD includes: Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, Rett’s disorder and according to some sources ADD/ADHD.


What is being done to help these families?

A network of determined families and doctors created Defeat Autism Now! and the Autism Research Institute where information is reviewed, research is completed and outcomes are determined. There are many effective treatments available. However, some cases of Autism are considered to be preventable!
Autistic children demonstrate improvement with a combination approach of individualized care. By combining homeopathy, diet changes, behavioral modification, digestive support, detoxification and nutritional supplementation to correct the underlying abnormalities improvement in IQ, social interactions, digestive function and immunity are achieved.
The earlier we begin working with these children the more likely they will become highly functional individuals. It is critical to have these children assessed as early as possible to determine what their underlying causes of ASD are and to customize
treatment appropriately.
Evaluations may include: Heavy metal analysis on urine or stool samples, urine testing for errors in metabolism and amino acid imbalances, blood tests for liver, thyroid, kidney and immune function, genetic testing, psychological and homeopathic evaluations. Imaging tests of the brain may be necessary before treatment is initiated.

What about prevention?

Focus on what is in your control:
  • Healthy diet and appropriate prenatal support during pregnancy and while breast feeding
  • Avoid removal, replacement or placement of mercury containing dental amalgams during pregnancy and while breast feeding
  • Appropriate infant testing as required by your state
  • Avoid exposure to known toxic chemicals and heavy metals during pregnancy and while breast feeding
  • Be sure your child is getting thimerosal free vaccine preparations. While many vaccines administered to children since 1999 are made without thimerosal it has not been required to remove thimerosal-containing vaccines from the shelves. Mercury containing vaccines are still out there!
  • Consider a revised schedule of vaccinating your children, consult your pediatrician or naturopathic doctor
  • Be aware of any digestive disturbances and get treatment
  • Use antibiotics only when essential in infants and children
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