Dr. Leon Hecht III, ND

I graduated from Bastyr University with a doctorate as a Naturopathic Physician in 1988. Over the last 30 years I have developed specific interests in diagnosing and treating Memory Decline, Lyme disease, Hormone Balance, and the Digestive System. I recognize the inter-connectedness of our body systems and how this relates to inflammation, energy levels and memory. I believe we can heal most of our ailments by applying the principles of science and nature, habits and lifestyle medicine, and enormous doses of kindness. I have a passion for helping people who are motivated to help themselves and willing to elevate their own level of self-care. I am certified in the Bredesen Protocol since it first became available for the treatment of early Alzheimer’s disease and memory decline, and have been treating individuals with Lyme disease and co-infections for the last 15 years.

Our relationship is crucial to your healing journey. I value transparent communication and take the time to inform and involve you of your health care choices in your healing journey. You are in charge of your health care choices and we will take the time to get it right together for you.

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I am committed to finding the cause of your illness and treating you on the deepest level possible, drawing from the wisdom of science and nature. After detailed history taking and supporting lab work, the specific use of nutrients, plant medicines, focused exercise, lifestyle measures, hormones and possibly naturally derived medications can help treat the cause and help you navigate a path back to health.

My Focus is on
High Level Health

In general, my focus is quenching the fires of inflammation and encouraging the growth and repair of your body and brain. If your hormones are deficient, your body toxic, your energy low, sleep insufficient, your metabolism out of balance, etc., any one of these conditions will hinder your ability to repair and regenerate your body including your joints and brain. One might think this is normal aging, and for some it may be, but there is oftentimes a clear path to stopping the damage to initiate repair and regeneration. This is what my practice is all about.

Most but not all ailments end up causing inflammation and atrophy (loss of tissue). The size and health of your muscles, bones and brain are generally excellent indicators of your health, as are your energy levels.

Infections cause inflammation. Whenever there is excessive inflammation there is deficient growth and repair, resulting in osteoarthritis (the wear and tear arthritis and more inflammation!), brain decline (deficiency in synapse growth), low thyroid function (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis), heart attacks (coronary artery disease is caused by inflammation), to name a few.

3 significant causes of ongoing inflammation in the body and mind are chronic infections, exposure to toxins, (including mold exposure), consuming an inflammatory diet leading to leaky gut (link to other sections discussing these).

As a naturopathic doctor with over 30 years in practice, I treat a wide variety of illnesses and imbalances and over the years have chosen to focus on a few areas of special interest.

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