Staying Strong with Proactive Care for Covid-19

The naturopathic doctors at North Coast Family Health have created a treatment protocol based upon the evolving evidence of what is saving lives globally as reported from doctors currently treating sick patients with Covid-19.  The goal of care is to prevent viral replication and to support the inflammatory and immune response in order to prevent SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome. SARS is an exaggerated inflammatory response in the alveoli of lung tissue causing death from lack of oxygen.

The mortality rate from laboratory confirmed Covid-19 cases is between 2-4%.  20% of confirmed cases are severe. 80% are uncomfortable, mild, or no symptoms. It is widely recognized that people over 65 or people of any age with diabetes, lung or cardiovascular conditions are more at risk.

Individualized Treatment Protocol

If you start to become ill, it is crucial to be treated as soon as possible, before the exaggerated inflammatory response overwhelms your system.  The treatments are individualized and focus upon dampening the inflammatory response while supporting your immune system’s ability to destroy the virus.  Steroids and NSAIDs are potentially contraindicated with this illness.

The individualized treatments we are recommending are not FDA approved and we are not claiming they are curative. However, thus far (April 1st, 2020) there have been no reported deaths with these treatments.  We strive to provide care that enables you to heal as quickly as possible.

We advocate testing for Covid-19 if you have any of the following symptoms or have been exposed to anyone who has exhibited the following symptoms, even if he/she has not been tested.  As testing kits are still in short supply, you should be treated immediately without being tested.

Shortness of breath


Body aches

Nasal congestion

Sore throat

Loss of taste and smell


Periodic fevers

Fever – 2 degrees above your normal body temperature or above 100.4 F




We are here for you!   Please contact us to schedule an appointment for a personalized proactive health care plan:

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Alyssa Christoforou, ND   – Kristy Fassler, ND – Leon Hecht, ND   – Jennifer Quinn, ND