Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is an endemic these days. Many individuals suffering with chronic pain often feel hopeless and have been struggling for a long time. There is hope.  Dr. Nathaniel Shober shares his approach to dealing with chronic pain.

Unfortunately pain is multifaceted and because of that, it takes a multifaceted approach to addressing it.  Depending on the depth of your pain, this approach can be quite involved.  One of the reason for this is that the brain has almost learned how to be in pain. There is this pathway etched between the brain and the physical body saying “I am supposed to be in pain.”  So the trick is how to interrupt that memory and stop that cycle. Also first and foremost, if there is pain there is inflammation. Therefore to quell and stop any inflammation is paramount. Here are a few approaches that can help with chronic pain.

Approaches to dealing with Chronic Pain

1)     Addressing Mitochondrial Dysfunction

The mitochondria live in our cells and they are essentially the powerhouse that provides energy to our bodies. There is a direct correlation between mitochondrial dysfunction and chronic pain. The goal is to get your mitochondria up and running efficiently and smoothly.

2)     Hands-on Myofascial Work

This is a modality that Dr. Shober offers as he believes it is forgotten and not used enough.  Using this hands-on approach, Dr. Shober is getting into the tissue in the body.  This is not getting a massage, but rather targeting specific tissue. This treatment breaks up the blockages and interrupts any kind of adhesion’s that are in between the tissue and are causing the pain.

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