Skin Rejuvenation

According to, “Anti-Aging” medicine is on track to reach $271 billion by 2024.  Skin health is one of, if not the first, signs of age.  There are many different procedures, products, and methods for slowing the aging process and improving skin health.  Despite there being so many options, this article will aim to outline North Coast Family Health’s (NCFH) Advanced skin rejuvenation procedure, that ultimately sets patient results up for a huge success.

Skin Microneedling

Of the many skin rejuvenation procedures and topicals out there, skin microneedling has proven, and continues to prove to be an effective and viable option to turn-back-the-clock on your skin.  Skin microneedling utilizes very fine needles pulsing at a high rate, causing skin micro-abrasions, which promotes collagen production.  However, while this is the therapeutic mechanism, within the “microneedling” realm, clinics and practitioners may do things a little bit differently in terms of technique, tools utilized, and additives to boost elasticity, clarity, and regeneration, which affects how the skin responds to treatment.

Skin microneedling rejuvenates the skin through treating wrinkles, fine, moderate and severe lines, scars, stretch marks, and hair restoration.  There are a variety of tools used on the skin for treatment.  Many of the tools are battery operated, use many needles, and are unidirectional causing more pain, inconsistent results, and increased recovery time.  The advanced technology microneedling instrument used at NCFH provides even power distribution, a few surgical needles, is multi-directional, and is double FDA approved.  These differences in the instrument used cannot be overstated enough for patient comfort and effectiveness.

How Our Skin Rejuvenation Therapy is Unique

North Coast Family Health has an exclusive approach to skin rejuvenation therapy. In addition to using the only double FDA approved tool as described above, our treatment is unique.

Before microneedling the skin, we harness the power of LASER technology to prep the skin.  LASERs are used to neutralize pathogenic skin bacteria, and stimulate mitochondria and stem cell production to further gain skin rejuvenation results.

And if that wasn’t enough to elicit anti-aging benefits, our treatment also involves harvesting stem cells and growth factors from the patient’s own blood in the form of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).  The patient’s PRP contains collagen boosting and skin repairing elements that further increases the effectiveness of NCFH’s unique procedure.

There’s more.  Ozone has a plethora of health benefits, of which includes stem cell production and DNA repair.  At NCFH, we use Ozone in the blood, drawn from the patient, to make PRP, and used on the skin during and after the microneedling procedure, providing an advanced element to an already effective procedure.

Finally, we have thoroughly researched post-treatment protocols and provide a step-by-step tool kit of products and naturopathic methods for long-lasting results.

To learn more or ask specific questions regarding our unique skin rejuvenation therapy contact North Coast Family Health: