What is GI Upset?

GI upset can be an abnormal or unhealthy function along the GI tract, from the esophagus to the point of elimination. You could be experiencing symptoms such as pain and burning, altered motility, even a depressed mood. How do we understand what is happening? First, Dr. Shober will take a careful history of the patient.  Then he will order various tests such as a breath test, stool cultures, and specific blood tests.

What are the common causes of GI Upset?

75% of cases reporting GI upset are caused by a bacterial imbalance in the gut.  Other contributing factors include:

1)     Yeast overgrowth

2)     Emotional Stress

3)     Decrease in Stomach Acid Production

4)     Food Intolerances

What are some approaches to soothing GI upset?

One of Dr. Shober’s favorite ways to initially address GI upset is through diet and or fasting.  Taking a fast to allow the GI system to rest and take a break from working so hard from digesting food is really important to maintaining a healthy system.  Another way is to use digestive bitters prior to meals.  This tonifies the vagal nerve which innervates our enteric system or GI system.  It is very effective in soothing GI discomfort. Then there are techniques such as breathing exercises or counseling if you are experiencing emotional stress.

About Dr. Shober

Dr. Nathaniel Shober’s specific medical interests are in treating anxiety and depression, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, natural stress relief, weight loss/gain, GI illnesses, musculoskeletal injuries, and in optimizing athletic performance.

In creating a tailored treatment program, Dr. Nathaniel Shober aims to optimize an individual’s health through integrating modalities that have a synergistic effect.

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