Brain growth helps your memory

Did you know that brain growth helps your memory?  Our brain has the ability to grow and change, even as we age.  Brain growth is dependent upon chemicals in the brain called growth factors and there are a few different kinds.  One of the most studied is called BDNF (Brain derived neuro trophic factor) that when we have enough, we can learn  new things and remember what we learned.  BDNF is necessary for the growth of new connections (called synapses), linking our neurons together so we can function optimally.  When in short supply, our brain can’t grow new connections nor remember new information.

The BEST way to stimulate BDNF is to get enough sleep and exercise.  Exercise is a powerful stimulant of BDNF and a recent study compared marathon runners to sedentary individuals and found not only did the exercisers have far more connections, their brains were bigger AND the cognition and intellect were dramatically higher.

Brain growth can happen once what is bugging your brain has been addressed.  Optimal vitamin D levels, balancing your hormones, exercise, and a supplement called BDNF we have been prescribing is helping too.  We use BDNF in our Healthy Brain Program to stimulate your brain to grow, but this is only effective once the CAUSE of your cognitive decline is addressed, and used on combination with other therapies designed to cure your memory loss.

Our Healthy Brain Program

Our Healthy Brain Program focuses on treating and preventing memory impairment and early Alzheimer’s Disease.  We have a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment program tailored to your individual needs that will help you regain your memory.

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