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Benefits of IV Laser Therapy

Dr. Fassler is pleased to announce that her patients are experiencing  IV Laser Therapy benefits. Patients are responding to Intravenous LASER Therapy or IV Laser Therapy at North Coast Family Health for conditions such as fatigue, infections, chronic pain, and cognitive decline.  The intravenous & topical Laser system  provides the full spectrum of colors from Ultra Violet to Infrared and each wavelength (color) provides unique therapeutic benefits.  What is particularly exciting is the anti-infection properties of light as well as the stimulation of the energy factories in the cell called mitochondria which results in more energy and cellular regeneration.  Dr. Fassler is seeing patients with chronic fatigue, cognitive decline, and cardiovascular disease respond with significantly sustained improvements in their conditions.

Advantages of photodynamic therapy (PDT) are that it kills viral, bacterial, parasitic and mold infections but doesn’t cause antibiotic resistance or kill healthy flora in the GI tract.  In addition there is a health promoting benefit called photobiomodulation therapy (PBM) that stimulates immune function, cellular and neuro regeneration, nitric oxide release, oxygenation, and other health promoting benefits.

Dr. Fassler has witnessed patients experience improvements in areas such as cognitive functioning, energy, and decreased pain. Call our office today, schedule your free 10 minute consult, and see if you could benefit from IV Laser treatment.


Dr. Kristy Fassler will be speaking at the 16th annual International Laser Medical Applications conference in San Diego on February 1-3rd, 2019. She and other physicians will be presenting on the use of Intravenous and topical Laser applications in the treatment of tick infections and abnormal pap smears.

The FDA has approved topical laser therapy to treat chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. The FDA considers IV laser therapy as an off label treatment.  North Coast Family Health is planning on participating in the FDA Institutional Review Board which will provide clinical data about the use of IV laser therapy.

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