There’s no denying it.  Catching the flu is dreadful.  The overwhelming fatigue paired with the restless body aches, burning fevers, and vomiting is enough to make you want to trade lives with a deep sea urchin.  As soon as it hits a co-worker or family member, hysteria ensues.  We pull out our arsenal of flu treatments; hand sanitizers,  disinfectants, vitamin C, “anti-oxidants”, and maybe run to the drug store for a vaccine.  Throw in media outlets producing story-after-story of “perfectly healthy” people dying from the flu and it’s enough to make you want to live in an underground bunker.

This every so pleasant flu virus is an illness transmitted through respiratory droplets, in which symptoms are rapid in onset.  Because the illness is a virus, antibiotics are not effective.  Tamaflu is regarded as a potential treatment option.  However, Tamaflu is not recommended unless an individual has an underlying condition that warrant it.  Plus, Tamaflu has been shown to only reduce the duration of the flu by a half-day.

There is also quite a debate as to whether the flu vaccine is effective.  Every year pathologists predict what the virus will be later in the year.  As the season progresses, whether or not the immune system is stimulated by the predicted virus in the vaccine is questionable.  This hit-or-miss approach leaves us on the precipice of flu free fall.

Flu Treatments

Fear not.  There’s plenty of you can do to stave off the flu, and even manage it once it sets in.  At North Coast Family Health, we got you covered with a full toolbox of flu treatments to get you back to feeling good in no time, and to even help prevent it from infecting you in the first place.  Treatment plans can vary based on individual presentation and include a variety of options including nutrient therapy, botanicals, diet, hydrotherapy, and even IV infusions.

IV Clinic at North Coast Family Health

At North Coast Family Health our newly revamped IV department offers safe, effective, nutrient infusions provide targeted nutrition that will effectively stimulate the immune system.

The Immune Boosting IV contains vitamins, such as high doses of vitamin C and B’s, minerals, and specific amino acids.  Through infusing nutrients and compounds directly into the blood stream, this allows the body to receive much higher concentrations, and makes the nutrients more bioavailable to the cells.  In other words, the cells are bathed in nutrients promoting an immediate response.

Give us a call at North Coast Family (603-427-6800) to inquire more about the IV therapies we have to offer and how they can help you.  Whatever life throws at you – whether it’s the flu or a sea urchin – we got you covered.