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My Focus is on
High Level Health

In general, my focus is quenching the fires of inflammation and encouraging the growth and repair of your body and brain. If your hormones are deficient, your body toxic, your energy low, sleep insufficient, your metabolism out of balance, etc., any one of these conditions will hinder your ability to repair and regenerate your body. One might think this is normal aging, and for some it may be, but there is oftentimes a clear path to stopping the damage to initiate repair and regeneration. This is what my practice is all about.

..but there is often a clear path to health by stopping the damage and charting full recovery and High Level Health. Some commonly employed strategies:

  • Resolving chronic infections - chronic viruses, chronic bacterial infections (think Lyme), indolent fungal infections
  • Removing toxins - diet, sweating, IV Chelation, IV nutrient therapy
  • Stimulating energy production - IV Laser, IV Ozone, IV Nutrient therapy, hormone balancing, exercise, high energy nutrition, deep sleep

Note: Dr. Hecht is currently not taking new patients for the memory impairment/Early Alzheimer’s program as he is currently enrolled in further study. Please call Priscilla at our front desk for periodic updates on this.

Approach to
your health

I am committed to finding the cause of your illness and treating you on the deepest level possible, drawing from the wisdom of science and nature. After detailed history taking and supporting lab work, the specific use of nutrients, plant medicines, focused exercise, lifestyle measures, hormones and possibly naturally derived medications can help treat the cause and help you navigate a path back to health.

If you are

Chronic Inflammation
Low energy - fatigue in the body and mind
Body stiffness, pain and inflammation
ED, low sex drive
Gas, bloating, constipation, abdominal pain

The above symptoms likely indicate chronic infection, intestinal imbalance, immune problems and/or hormonal deficiency.

About me

I graduated from Bastyr University with a doctorate as a Naturopathic Physician in 1988. Over the last 30 years I have developed specific interests in diagnosing and treating Memory Decline, Lyme disease, Hormone Imbalance, and the Digestive System. I recognize the inter-connectedness of our body systems and how this relates to inflammation, energy levels and memory.

Dr. Leon Hecht

Naturopathic Physician

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