All your doctors are seeing patients at Orchard Park!  Their contact information is under each doctor’s photo below.
Drs. Fassler and Hecht are continuing to see patients at the same office in Orchard Park, 875 Greenland Rd, Unit A-1, Portsmouth.  Dr. Fassler isn’t moving to California as previously planned.  Dr. Hecht will be relocating to 501 Islington St in Portsmouth in early to mid November.

Drs. Quinn and Christoforou are seeing patients at office B11 in Orchard Park.

IV services are being provided at our same office on Mondays and Thursdays.  To schedule an IV Laser or nutient service, please call Priscilla at 603-427-6800 on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday from 10 until 2 pm.

Our dispensary continues to have a variety of immune supporting supplements you may purchase by contacting your doctor. The online dispensary, Fullscript, will serve you as well.  Your doctor will prescribe your supplements and you will be notified by Fullscript immediately via text or email so you can pay for your prescriptions and have them sent to you within 24 hours.

Patient Portals Invitations to the doctor’s new patient portals have been sent to whatever email address was in the previous North Coast Family Health Portal.  To accept the invitation to your doctor’s portal, please deactivate your North Coast Family Health portal and activate your new portal with your name and birthdate.  All of your patient records and scheduled appointments have been transferred from the North Coast Portal to your doctor’s portal on ChARM.

Lab services will be ordered by your doctor and blood draws can be scheduled at Vibrant Health at 501 Islington St, in Portsmouth, 603-610-8882.

Arete Chiropractic will be moving to the former North Coast Family Health office in December and Dr. Fassler will continue there with them in her same office.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue your care through these transitions.

With love,

Drs. Fassler, Hecht, Quinn and Christoforou

Find your doctors:

Leon Hecht Naturopathic Doctor

Leon Hecht III

Dr. Leon Hecht will be sharing clinic space with Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND of Vibrant Health, 501 Islington Ave, Portsmouth, NH 03801. His phone number continues to be 603-427-6800. Telehealth visits, phone and in person visits, lab services, IV services will be consistent with what we offer now, including IV nutrient therapy, IV laser, and injection therapy.  IV services will continue in September and patient appointments will continue starting October 1st.

Kristy Fassler

Dr. Kristy Fassler will continue to see patients in her same office as well as provide Telehealth and phone appointments. She will continue to order lab tests and prescriptions as she empowers you with guidance and supportive therapies to regain your health. After August 27th, she can be reached at 603-505-8923. Her new website is scheduled to launch soon!

Jennifer Quinn

Dr Jennifer Quinn will be moving to Orchard Park, next door to our current office. She can be reached at 603-945-8119, or by email. Visit the Orchard Park website.

Alyssa Christoforou

Dr. Alyssa Christoforou will be joining Dr. Jennifer Quinn at Quinn Family Health at 875 Greenland Rd, Unit B-11, Portsmouth, NH 03801. She can be reached at her new office number, 603-945-8119. Please visit their website to watch the practice develop.