What to Expect

Upon scheduling your first appointment, you will receive a comprehensive health questionnaire to fill out.

The questionnaire is an important tool for both you and your naturopathic doctor.  It enables us to learn about the factors affecting your total health.

1ST CLINIC VISIT: In this two-hour visit we will investigate your total health history and do relevant physical exam. Appropriate laboratory testing will be scheduled if necessary and the initial phase of your treatment plan will be prescribed.
2ND CLINIC VISIT: This visit commonly begins with a review of findings from the lab testing and the initial visit. Your personal treatment plan may be enhanced according to any new relevant information from new findings since the first visit, including what to expect as you heal.
FOLLOW-UP VISITS: Follow up visits are scheduled in two to eight weeks to ensure your health is improving as expected.
Depending on your specific needs, more visits may be scheduled for therapies and assessments of your healing progress.  We will be looking for improvements in your chronic health concerns as well as overall risk factors for disease.  Modifications in your treatment plan often occur at these visits.

Begin Your Journey to Wellness

Our goal is not only to help you improve your health now, but to prevent future illnesses as well. It’s much easier, more sensible, and less expensive to keep your body healthy than to allow imbalances and disease processes to return.
Coming in for periodic preventive health care visits is a valuable way for us to stay current with new developments in your health and to prevent future disease.
Call us at (603) 427-6800 to make an appointment and begin your journey to wellness.