Personalized Care

Are you one of many people who simply accept feeling poorly as a way of life without ever knowing how energetic, positive and pain free you can feel?

If you are seeking health rather than disease management with medications, naturopathic medicine needs to be an important part of your health care.  It is the most cost effective health care solution as it reverses disease and promotes health rather than medication dependence. 

Symptoms are your body’s way of letting you know something isn’t quite right and needs attention to correct.  Doesn’t it make sense to treat the underlying cause of your symptoms rather than managing or suppressing them?

Naturopathic Medicine Works

We practice naturopathic medicine because it works! Our patients wouldn’t come to us if it didn’t.  At this time in the evolution of medicine and health care in the United States, we are grateful for the effective and time tested principles of healing with naturopathic medicine. 

One doesn’t need to be fanatical to appreciate the wisdom of choosing a lifestyle and therapies that cooperate with nature’s laws of healing.  Integrating new scientific knowledge with the healing power of natural therapies enables us to assist you in reversing the underlying causes of your symptoms and preventing future illness.

A Personal Approach to Healing

The naturopathic doctors at North Coast Family Health take the time to listen to you and address your health concerns.
Your first office visit is typically 2 hours, and follow-up visits are 20-60 minutes. We request lab testing when needed and provide a treatment plan customized for your specific needs.

Feel Your Best with Naturopathic Care

A patient recently told us she had never felt better physically, mentally and emotionally in her life.  This was such an unfamiliar way of feeling for her that her primary concern was would it last?
This 60-year-old woman gradually achieved her state of wellness one and a half years after starting her naturopathic care and making choices in her life to support health rather than disease.  Furthermore, she is not on any medications!
We invite you to find out how we can assist you in feeling the best you’ve ever felt in your life by scheduling with us soon.  If you are new to our office, we offer free information consultations with one of the doctors for 10 minutes to learn more about how we can help you achieve your health goals.
May this be the year you say, “I never felt better in my life!”