Dr. Fassler and Dr. Hecht Honored

The New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors (NHAND) recognized two of its members in a ceremony on Friday, November 4, 2016, in North Conway NH. Dr. Kristy Fassler and Dr. Leon Hecht received the 2016 NHAND NDs of the Year Award. Dr. Fassler and Dr. Hecht were instrumental in helping naturopathic doctors obtain licensure in New Hampshire starting in 1996.

(Pictured at right: Dr. Kristy Fassler, Dr. Pamela Herring, and Dr. Leon Hecht)
Graduates of Bastyr University in Seattle, Dr. Fassler and Dr. Hecht have been practicing at their Portsmouth clinic, North Coast Family Health, since January 1990. In addition to family practice, they specialize in Lyme disease, endocrine disorders, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and digestive complaints. They have aided thousands of patients throughout New England.
NHAND is comprised of New Hampshire state licensed naturopathic doctors. The organization was founded in 1988 with the intention of advancing the philosophy and practice of naturopathic medicine in NH. Today, NHAND is active throughout the state and continues to grow, organizing the largest yearly naturopathic medicine conference in New England. NHAND and its members are dedicated to offering the people of NH the very best in safe and effective health care.
Many congratulations to Dr. Kristy Fassler and Dr. Leon Hecht on receiving the 2016 NHAND NDs of the Year Award!