Medical Staff

Each of us at North Coast Family Health are dedicated to serving you with integrity, competence, and care.

Feel free to call us with any questions you may have regarding our services or to schedule a complimentary information phone consult with one of our naturopathic doctors at (603) 427-6800.

Medical Team

Leon Hecht III, ND
Dr. Hecht received his doctorate of naturopathic medicine degree from Bastyr University of Natural Health Sciences in 1988. 

Dr. Hecht specializes in Healthy Aging Medicine (aka Anti-Aging Medicine), serving patients with hormonal imbalances, including diabetes, menopause, adrenal and thyroid problems, and in the diagnosis and treatment of Tick Borne Illness including Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella and Erhlichia.  Learn more about Dr. Hecht ›



 Kristy Fassler, ND, DHANP 
Dr. Fassler received her doctorate of naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University of Natural Health Sciences in 1988 and is board certified in classical homeopathy. 

She served on the New Hampshire Board of Naturopathic Examiners and has appeared in the media, including on national television, to share how treating the underlying causes of disease is the key to healing for people of all ages. Learn more about Dr. Fassler ›



Jennifer Quinn, ND 
Dr. Quinn joined North Coast Family Health in  2001 after completion of her Naturopathic Doctorate at Bastyr University in Washington. She has a strong foundation in herbal medicine, women’s health, and pediatric wellness and disorders of childhood. 

Dr. Quinn works with people of all ages to help them attain optimal health; she has worked extensively with fertility concerns, thyroid disease and hormone imbalances. Learn more about Dr. Quinn ›



Jacob Aguiar, ND 
Dr. Aguiar, trained as a primary care naturopathic doctor, works with each patient to create personalized and effective treatment solutions. 

Dr. Aguiar’s particular medical interests include: Lyme disease, brain health, men’s health, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, drug-less pain management, natural stress reduction, autoimmune disease, and optimizing the health of the business person.  Learn more about Dr. Augiar ›



Lynn Favreau, RN, CRNILMT 
Lynn Favreau, RN, CRNI, LMT  is a licensed Registered Nurse and massage therapist in the state of New Hampshire.  

At North Coast Family Health, Lynn provides intravenous therapies, and phlebotomy and injection services. Lynn also meets with patients in the Healthy Me program and monitors their progress and health weekly during the program.  Learn more about Lynn Favreau ›



Support Staff

Deborah Cartwright
Deborah is our dispensary manager and has been with us since 2003. She is her very helpful in coordinating care and assisting with dispensary orders. She enjoys walks with her two dogs and time with her husband and friends.





Jackie Refsdal
Jackie joined North Coast in 2010 and manages the laboratory services we provide in addition to serving you at the front desk. She enjoys traveling with her husband and three daughters.






Pamela Chatis
Pamela joined our team in the Spring of 2013 and compassionately interacts with you in a variety of roles. She is a great advocate of the power of the mind to facilitate any healing regimen. She feels connecting with and supporting our patients first from the heart is her greatest contribution to her work inside as well as outside of the office. She is a great lover of music, nature, and animals.




Therese Greve
Therese was a patient at North Coast prior to joining our team in 2001. She has cheerfully been serving patients ever since. She enjoys quality time with her family and five wonderful grandchildren. In her spare time Therese loves reading, walking, and yoga. She is an avid Red Sox fan!





Nancy Cressy
Nancy has been serving patients at North Coast since 2011. She is a certified nutrition consultant and a member of the Gluten Intolerant Group. If you have dietary restrictions, she will happily help you find alternatives. She lives in Exeter with her husband, volunteers at her church, and enjoys spending time with her two grandchildren.